Coffee by day, beer by night, food for thought


The Old Vinyl Factory


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 Coffee by day

We offer specialty coffee (naturally) in the newly re-imagined vinyl factory area which boasts an impressive history of English music, including Pink Floyd, The Beatles and the like. 640East celebrates the place’s heritage while bringing along its own industrial vibrancy - what’s more suitable than getting your daily power boost from our coffee at The Powerhouse. Or why not pre-order in on our app?


Beer by night*

Come get cozy with a drink or pre-order your beers in the morning and get them delivered directly to the office at your chosen time via our app launching in March 2019 (whether that’s before or after lunch… we don’t mind!).

* after coffee


  Food for thought

Our pastries on offer are hand selected and sourced from local independents. Our breakfast and lunch menu includes treats like fresh pastries, toasties and filled croissants. And yes, all this is also available for pre-order on our app - and delivery very soon!



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Where we are

The Powerhouse
The Old Vinyl Factory
Blyth Road, Hayes

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 8am-4pm
Sat-Sun closed